Tesa Cloth Tape – Acrylic coated

tesa 4657 could be a high grade acrylic coated fabric tape. it’s supported a a hundred forty five mesh woven cotton material and a thermoset natural rubber adhesive.
Its a awfully resilient fabric tape usually used for permanent hole covering in automotive applications and masking throughout industrial painting processes.


removable while not residues even when extreme temperature exposure
very ageing-resistant (allowing for permanent applications)
high resistance to color solvents
excellent tape for die-cuts, out there as log roll with liner as tesa® 4657 PV9
also out there as low unreeling version tesa® 4657 PV one
available in two colors: black, grey
Main applications
Heat resistant masking throughout the assembly of vehicles and machines
Window rim masking
Even recurrent kitchen appliance drying potential
Permanent interior and exterior hole covering
Covering of screw faucet holes and voidance boreholes
Partial masking throughout treatment with impregnating agents
Fastening of flat cables e.g. on roof linings, door panels, mirrors
Masking throughout electricity powder coating



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