Reflective Tape

Product Description :
We Offer Passion Reflective Tape with smart Quality & Lowest supply rate.


High quality
Fine end
Excellent strength
Other Information:

Reflexite Tape is that the good resolution for AIS 090 Compliant vehicle markings. Its robust weather and solvent resistant construction is ideal for rugged out of doors use.
Superior reflectivity
Visible at wide angles
Easy to use
Single layer construction with no want for edge protection
Crack Resistant
Comprehensive assurance
Rigid and Curtain grades offered

Available in three colors: Red, White, Yellow.

Standard roll size: 50mm X 50mts and 20mm X 50mts

Retroreflexite happens once lights is came back within the same direction because it comes in. 1968: Reflective invents the microprismatic technology. 2008: The technology is globally recognized as being the brightest technology offered. The Reflexite tapes generally replicate up to three times additional lightweight than glass bead tapes. lightweight strikes every of the 3 surfaces of the Reflexite small prism successively, before returning to its supply.



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