Lohmann Grip Tape for Flexo printing

Increasingly troublesome printing jobs mean that plate mountingadhesive tapes even have to adapt consequently. solely then will the upper quality needs created to the written image be met.The big selection of DuploFLEX® FOL merchandise have stood the take a look at of your time for over fifty years and conjointly offer solid solutions for exacting flexoprint jobs.

Product advantages:
• The dimensional stable PVC film carrier together with associate degree aggressive India rubber pressure sensitive adhesive is especially appropriate for onerous, tolerance-free mounting of printing plates in flexographic printing.
• glorious tolerance compliance.
• The adhesive system has been developed for the mounting of photo-polymer plates.

DuploFLEX® FOL film carrier tapes

Foam thickness Adhesive PVC-film Liner
0.10 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 010 colourless-transparent PVC creped film
0.15 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 015 yellow-transparent PVC creped film
0.20 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 020 green-transparent PVC creped film
0.25 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 025 red-transparent PVC creped film
0.30 mm DuploFLEX® FOL 030 blue-transparent PVC creped film


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