Loctite EA E 102 Epoxy Adhesive



Loctite E102 ought to be a two-part adhesive consisting of accomplice diploma epoxy resin and a hardener. as soon as combined in equal volumes, the natural compound and hardener react to grant a tough, rigid, excessive energy bond that begins to line in 90-120 minutes and reaches managing energy in .5 hours. It are regularly used as accomplice diploma adhesive for a correct differ of cloth metal, glass, ceramic, wood, many inflexible plastics etc. Cured adhesive is electrically nonconductor in nature. Following rectangular measure.

Due to our good sized perception and big understanding of this business, we are worried in imparting and imparting of Food Grade NSF Loctite EA E 102 Epoxy Adhesive in Salem, Tamilnadu, South India.
key advantages:

Long open time
Develops fixture energy quickly
Simple to use at some stage in work-life
Used for potting applications
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