Loctite 574 Gasketing products



Loctite 574 Gasketing Product – frequent purpose. Ideal for use on machined and inflexible metallic flanges available at Coimbatore.
LOCTITE® 574 seals close-fitting joints between inflexible metallic faces and flanges. The product therapies when restricted in the absence of air between close-fitting steel surfaces. It presents resistance to low pressures right now after assembly. Typically used as a form-in-place gasket on inflexible flanged connections. The nature of LOCTITE 574 reduces the migration of liquid product after utility to the substrate. It has a excessive oil tolerance and terrific water and glycol resistance.
Excellent water and glycol resistance
Ideal for use on inflexible metallic parts, e.g. solid iron aspects and pump housings
High oil resistance


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