Loctite 567 Threadsealant



LOCTITE 567 is an off-white, UL approved, low disassembly power methacrylate thread sealant, perfect for sealing coarse threads up to M80/R3”.

LOCTITE® 567 is an off-white, low strength, thixotropic methacrylate thread sealant. It treatment plans in the absence of air and through contact with metals when restricted inside threads up to M80/R3”. It is quality perfect for use on coarse metallic threads and its breakaway torque ranking is 1.7Nm. Viscosity is 280,000 – 800,000 mPa·s and carrier temperature -55 to +200ºC. UL approved.
Single aspect – smooth and handy to apply
Doesn’t creep, decrease or block systems
Provides an immediate low stress seal
Thixotropic and high/very excessive viscosity
UL authorized


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