Loctite 415

LOCTITE® 415™ could be a general purpose adhesive and is especially suited to bonding of metal substrates.

Transparent, colourless, methyl-based instant adhesive that includes a high body. like minded to metals and appropriate for rubbers and plastic. LOCTITE 415 could be a clear, colourless, high body, methyl-based instant adhesive. like minded to metals and appropriate for rubbers and plastic, it conjointly appropriate for polyolefins together with Primer LOCTITE 770 or LOCTITE 7239. it’s a fixture time of twenty – forty secs.

Your edges

Cures terribly quickly once confined between 2 surfaces
Ideal for bonding little to medium-size components
Excellent adhesion to most substrates
Well suited to metals
Fixture time of twenty – forty secs.
Suitable for rubbers and plastics
High Viscosity



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