Fix All High Tack

Fix ALL High Tack
Super robust SMX Hybrid Polymers
Fix ALL High Tack could be a prime quality, neutral, elastic, 1-component adhesive sealer supported SMX-Polymer with a awfully high initial tack. Fix ALL High Tack could be a KOMO-certified construction adhesive supported BRL3107.
• protection and bonding within the building and housing industry.
• Elastic bonding of panels, profiles and alternative items on the foremost common substrates (wood, MDF,
chipboard, etc).
• Elastic structural bonding in automotive and instrumentation trade.
• Joints in bogs and kitchens.
• High initial tack reducing the necessity for initial support.
• quick natural process.
• smart extrudability.
• High shear strength once full cure (no primer).
• Stays elastic once natural process and extremely property.
• resistant to mould, contains ZnP (biocide with antifungal action).
• No odour.
• is painted with water primarily based systems.
• smart color stability, weather and ultraviolet resistance.
• doesn’t contain isocyanates and no silicones.
• smart adhesion on damp substrates.


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