Double-sided adhesive foam tape for permanent fastening

Double-sided adhesive foam tape for mounting and permanent fastening on just about all sleek and slightly uneven surfaces

Product blessings

Maximum resistance to ageing UV-radiation, weathering and plasticizers.
The foam carrier keeps a permanent physical property.
The high initial adhesion (tack) offers a reliable bond now when application. most final adhesion is reached when approx. 24 hours.
DuploCOLL® 9182 absorbs vibration and compensates for various enlargement coefficients of the substrates that ar joined.
DuploCOLL® 9182 is usually recommended by manufactures of glass and plastic mirrors on account of inert behaviour in grips with a large sort of mirror paints.

Main application fields

Mounting mirrors within the manufacture of chamber, lounge, toilet and hall piece of furniture
Mounting of PVC keep bars
Mounting of little devices and hooks on tiles and sleek walls
Mounting of cable channels
Specific technical information

Temperature vary -40 °C to +95 °C

Temperature place rising heat check -40 °C to +110 °C**




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