CRC Plastik 70


Quick drying, colorless clear insulating and protecting coating supported acrylic  resins.


PLASTIK 70 may be a low consistence, solvent drying acrylic based mostly con formal coating with glorious insulating properties. The lacquer is colorless clear and elastic. it’s a sturdy adhesion within the temperature vary from –40°C to +60°C and may be used for a brief amount of your time up to +100°C most. It protects computer circuit boards and surfaces from wet anorganic-acid or caustic vapours.
PLASTIK seventy is colourless-transparent and per se isn’t visual on the computer circuit board surface. For repair works PLASTIK seventy is soldered through or be wholly removed with aceton, diluent FOR PLASTIK seventy.

PLASTIK 70 was specially developed to shield computer circuit boards. It overcomes electrical
leakages and short circuits.
As an occasional consistence fixing and insulating lacquer, PLASTIK 70 may also be used as extra/after
insulation of coils and transformers and overcomes heavy noises.
PLASTIK 70 may also be used as a universal protecting coating on any surface like metal,
paper, ornaments, paintings, furniture, etc.

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