CRC 5-56

A multi-purpose penetrating and lubricating product that breaks through rust and corrosion, displaces water and cleans away scale and dirt.CRC 5-56 relies on a paraffinic oil and a multiple organic matter system that stops rust and corrosion by forming a nonstop protection barrier against water and element.


Penetrates quickly, even into the best pores and cracks of the surface. Lubricates and restores sleek action.
Displaces wet out of all electrical and ignition systems and makes it potential to start out wet engines.
Loosens rusted components and makes them work once more.
Stops annoying squeaks.
Leaves a skinny film that protects metals from corrosion evoked by humidness and different corrosive atmospheres.
Easy repair by eliminating the requirement for dismantlement


A modern, versatile helper for many repair jobs altogether operating environments.

Electrical components : plugs, switches, coils, leads, …
Cars : mechanism, distributors, battery terminals, cables, starter motors, aerials, nuts and
bolts, chrome, seat slides, door latches, spark plugs, …
Home : door locks and hinges, slippy doors and windows, drills, locks, hinges, catches, DIY tools, scissors, zippers, buggies, toys, …
Leisure : fishing tackle, bicycles, garden tools, roller blades, roller skates, ski fittings, marine, golf buggies, …
Hundreds of different uses in : workshops, garages , building sites, factories, offices, gardens, homes, homemade,


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