Cable Tie


High strength.
Seamless end.

Material : Nylon six.6 UL Certified 94V-2
Operating Temperature : Static 12-20 °C Dynamic 140-40 °C
Manufactured & Tested as per international customary “IEC62275” for Cable Management System

Available Sizes :

Retail Sizes
GT-100 MS white 100*2.2
GT-100 MHz white 100*2.5
GT-150 IC white 150*3.6
GT-200 IC white 200*3.6
GT-250 IC white 250*3.6
Industrial Sizes
GT-300 IC white 300*3.6
GT-300 St white 300*4.8
GT-370 ST white 370*4.8
GT-450 STC white 450*4.8
GT-550 ST white 550*4.8
GT-635ST white 635*4.8



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