3M Electro Plating Tape 470



3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 Tan, 7.1 mil (0.18 mm), vinyl backing with a rubber adhesive, magnificent resistant to most chemical compounds used in traditional electroplating processes

3M™ Electroplating Tape 470, used for covering throughout many electroplating operations, together with each flat strip and overlapping masks, used for wrapping, patching, covered racks and protecting many irregular surfaces.

Highlights :
Tan, 6.3 mil vinyl backing, a hundred and seventy stages F
Excellent resistance to plating chemicals, electroplating nickel and electroless nickel, milling and etching of titanium, peening, reduces undercutting on irregular surfaces
Non-corrosive, flexible, abrasion resistant, conformable, put on resistant, smooth removal, convenient to apply, versatile, moisture resistant, visible
Automotive, aerospace, military, typical industrial, MRO, services management, transportation, marine
Wrapping, patching, masking, security coding, hazard marking, identifying, sealing, colour coding, paint masking, protecting, bundling, sealing
This model of 470 has no liner


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